PC Protection Terms and Conditions


This protection is offered directly through us, and is not affiliated with any other company or affiliates thereof.

We offer this of our own capability and do so using our address of 24hr Computer Services PO Box 680711 San Antonio Texas 78268-0711.


In return for the monthly subscription payment we will provide protection for your computer during the period of subscription, subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations shown below or as amended in writing by us. For monthly protection this is a monthly contract and is only in force if the monthly subscription has been paid. For policies of a longer duration the subscription must be paid at inception and the policy will remain in force for the period shown for the subscription time and will remain in force until the period expires or is cancelled in accordance with Conditions and Limitations 5, 6 or the section headed Cancellation.


A. An Annual Subscription to our choice of Internet Security software to protect your PC against Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Malware, Hackers, and other PC threats and parasites. This will be renewed or replaced annually while on a subscription at no cost.

B. An Annual PC Check-up of the customers PC for instability from software or hardware problems. This would include a PC optimization when necessary

C. Malfunctioned Component Repair or Replacement (this is surface level repair or whole part replacement such as a Video Card)

We will repair other damages if your electronic equipment has malfunctioned or has been damaged as the result of a malfunction.

D. Virus and/or Parasite Removal at any time during the subscription to our services.

E. Software Reinstallation or optimization of the PC at any time during the subscription to our services.



This Protection offers repair or replacement only, taking into account labor for the said service. If the computer cannot be repaired nor a part replaced with an identical part of the same age and condition, we will replace it with one of comparable specification or better specification (brand may or may not be used for this decision.


1. Unless we have agreed differently with you in writing and by notary, City/State law and the decisions of City/State courts will govern this protection.

2. This protection only covers Computers bought and used in the United States of America only and can only be covered if located within 1 hours distance from our location.

3. The computer can be of any age but must be inspected prior to coverage being applied.

4. You must provide us with any receipts, documents or proof of purchase, that it is reasonable for us to request.

5. This protection may only be altered, varied or its conditions altered or subscription prices changed by one of our authorized officials, giving you a 30 day notice in writing.

6. We may cancel the policy by giving you at least 30 days notice in writing. In the event of any claim in that time, the subscription must be paid up to within 30 days prior to the claim. Any subscription payment that has not been applied to the account will be refunded.

7. You cannot transfer the protection to someone else or to any other electronic equipment without our written and notarized permission.

8. You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent any damage, such as using Surge Suppressor.

9. In respect of the subscription, if the subscription payment is cancelled or unsuccessful at any given point, no benefits shall be due whatsoever.


Your right to change your mind. You may cancel the protection, without giving reason, by sending us written notice and returning the protection documents within 14 days of it starting or (if later) within 14 days of you receiving the protection documents. The protection payment will be refunded to your account in which the protection payment was made. (If made by Paypal, Paypal may retain this for you to withdraw).


If you wish to cancel after a subscription payment, you will be automatically protected for up to 30 days after that date of payment. There will be no refunds for this payment unless it is before the initial 14 day grace period at the time of starting.

You may cancel your subscription at any time within the subscription period, but no prior subscription payments will be refunded or credited.

You may change your subscription payment terms from monthly to yearly or yearly to monthly at any time, if any refund of any unused time is due, it will be refunded only if requested in writing to the address of 24hr Computer Services PO Box 680711 San Antonio Texas 78268-0711


1. You must:

Call to notify us as soon as possible in any event of any incident likely to give rise to a claim under this protection;

Inform us in detail of the problem and schedule a drop off or schedule an on-site repair visit

2. If we replace any parts or components, the damaged or defective part or parts become property of 24 Hr Computer Services.

For our protection and to help us improve our service we reserve the right under state law to record or monitor any telephone calls.


We will process your claim under the terms and conditions of this protection based on the notification to us of the claim. If your claim is not covered because of found negligence and you then try submit a case against us for this decision we will consider this as an attempt of fraud. Details of all such action will be passed to appropriate agencies for appropriate action.


We are proud of our reputation for fairness in our treatment of our customers. However, occasionally disputes or misunderstandings can arise.

Any inquiry or complaint you have regarding your subscription should be addressed to Kevin Coleman, Owner at PO Box 680711 San Antonio Texas 78268-0711 You should provide all details of your subscription and in particular, your subscription number (can be found on your account at Paypal.com), to help with the speedy handling of your inquiry.

We aim to provide a 100% customer satisfaction.

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