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Did you delete a document or folder, lost a picture, or has your hard drive failed?

Do not panic we are here to help! In most cases your data can be recovered.

The first step is stop using your computer. Do not save anything to the disk and switch off the computer quickly as possible. The data is still on your hard drive.

If you boot or try to recover the lost data to your hard drive it is possible that you will overwrite the original data. Making it more difficult to recover and make it more expensive. The quicker you get help the less it will cost.

We can recover all forms of data from documents, photos, and spreadsheets. Whether removed by virus or power failure or even deleted information.

We recover your data to CD/DVD/External Drive and we ensure the highest confidentiality for our data recovery services.

We offer our lost/damaged data recovery services to private individuals and we also offer our services to companies of all sizes.

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