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Virus's and spyware affect everyone sometime in their computer life. You can be infected even without your knowledge, and that can happen from any website you go to anymore, including the ones you feel are safe - and are most visited even!

Do you have a Virus?

Is the computer acting strange, does it run slower than normal, stops responding or locks up, crashes and restarts, strange pop-ups appear (especially asking to buy a program to fix the problem). The computer could be infected with a Virus. To be sure, a full system scan should be performed with special virus removal tool and the removal performed of any found viruses, spyware, and adware. We can scan your computer for viruses and spyware and offer the best protection possible for your machine (We scan using at least 7 different tools therefore performing a very thorough cleaning of your computer from Malware.)

Spyware Beware!

When spyware is installed on your computer you are open to your personal information being taken, leading to identity theft..

Allow us to check out your system so we can help you detect and remove any virus's or spyware running on your computer and help guard against future infections.

Warning: Some virus and spyware removal programs are in fact spyware themselves so be careful what you download and let us help keep you safe.

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